“Going-out” Experience and Wisdom of Silk Road Fund丨Review of the 10th Salon of Legal Guru Club

On September 6, 2017, following the hot trend of the 9th Salon of Legal Guru Club, the number of participants registered for the 10th was over 30 again. This time, the Legal Guru Club invited Ms Cao Hui, the legal director of Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd., and her legal team to explain the necessary qualities and knowledge for in-house lawyers when carrying out cross-border investment under the “Belt and Road” policy, and deeply interpret the business structure and risk control issues in cross-border M&As starting with the specific cases of the Silk Road Fund, under the host of Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club and the Chairperson of China International Legal Affairs & Culture Exchange Center.

Based on her own experience, Ms Cao Hui, the legal director of Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd., summarized and reviewed the experience she obtained over the past two and a half years since joining the Silk Road Fund, and believed that the in-house lawyers should have 5 excellent qualities including keen business understanding ability, outstanding project management ability, team leadership and collaboration spirit, excellent negotiation and communication ability and proficient document writing skills in overseas M&As, while lawyers should cultivate 4 professional qualities including solid and comprehensive legal expertise, rigorous and meticulous legal thinking and logical analysis ability, excellent written and verbal communication skills in both Chinese and English, as well as ability to learn actively and fast and to comprehend by analogy.

Mr. Fu Lingzhi, the senior legal adviser with the legal department of Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd., started with a specific case to analyze the business structure of the Hassyan Clean Coal-fired Power Plant Project, while Ms Wang Huimin, the senior legal adviser of the legal department of Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd., introduced the Karot Hydropower Project.

That evening, Qiao Yang, the senior legal advisor of China Datang Corporation, Song Liming, the director of the legal compliance department of Minsheng Jinfu Holdings Co., Ltd., Jin Yi, the general manager of the legal compliance department of Taikang Insurance Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Hua, the senior legal advisor of Qihoo 360 Software Co., Ltd., Feng Rui, the General Counsel of Zhihe Holdings Co., Ltd., Liu Hongchuan, the senior partner of Broad & Bright Law Firm with lawyer’s license certified in both China and New York, Sun Lifeng, the partner of Zhong Lun, and other guests attended the salon and spoke highly of the business structure in the cases of Silk Road Fund and the excellent skills of professionals. Some guests exchanged and interacted with Ms Cao Hui and her legal team.

Among them, Mr. Sun Lifeng very much agreed with the views of Ms Cao Hui, and, in the meantime, he believed that legal risks were not only caused by legal issues, but also by the interaction of politics, economy, project and other aspects with the technology. Although a financial investor has limited political discourse power, it is still important to correctly understand the political issues, which is not a legal issue, but a thinking mode that legal professionals shall have.

After the meeting, the guests were free to communicate and take group photos. The Salon of Legal Guru Club is dedicated to the exchanges and discussion of high-profile people in legal and business circles. If you want to hear more experience and wisdom of the big names, please keep paying close attention to our salon events. You will get the rare opportunity to hear in-depth communications!