2017 General Counsels (Shenzhen) Summit & Establishment of “South China Branch of Legal Guru Club” was successfully concluded!

On September 23, the 2017 General Counsels (Shenzhen) Summit & Establishment of “South China Branch of Legal Guru Club” was successfully concluded. Nearly 100 authorities from major enterprises and law firms attended the event and gave high evaluation on this event.

At 13:30, the guests who participated in the GC private roundtable successively signed in, and unveiled the curtain of the event of Legal Guru Club in Shenzhen.

GC Private Roundtable

At 14:00, the GC roundtable was officially started. Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the Chairperson of the China International Legal Affairs & Culture Exchange Center and Founder of Legal Guru Club, delivered an opening speech, and Mr. Yang Jin, the vice president of TCL Group, hosted the meeting.

Mr. Yang said that the theme of the roundtable, “future of legal professionals in the AI Age”, fit well with the South China area, as there were many high-tech enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region. Today, with the continuous development of AI, it was worth pondering and discussing about whether the AI would replace the general counsels and lawyers or would improve their work efficiency in the future.

Daniel Shi, the senior vice president and general counsel of Wal-Mart, Su Yongyun, the legal director of China Region of Envision, Li Junwei, the general counsel of Midea Group, Feng Rui, the chief legal advisor of Zhihe Holdings Co., Ltd., Yang Hua, the legal director of Greater China Region of VMware Hong Kong Limited, Qian Jianhong, the risk and control services director of PwC China, Zou Zhiqiang, the senior partner of Dentons Shanghai Office, Gong Yamin, the partner of Fangda Partners, Ruan Siyu, the senior consultant of Zhong Lun, and other guests exchanged and shared their experience, views and opinions.

Mr. Zou Zhiqiang introduced the application of AI in the court work and its initial efficiency in judgment, and raised the issues such as how to deal with the inconsistency between AI judgments and human judgments. Su Yongyun said that the greatness of a judge did not lie in the familiarity with laws, but in the humanistic spirit, and the judgment should have the far-reaching significance to influence and guide the human development process, which was out of the league of AI.

Mr. Feng Rui focused on the application of AI in law through some cases and raised that AI was still in the stage of big data analysis and statistics. Ms Gong Yamin agreed with Mr. Feng that the US had begun to use AI to assist in office work, but lawyers were still active in the front line, as experience and negotiation skills of lawyers were difficult to replace with AI.

Ms Qian Jianhong believed that legal professionals should be prepared for future reforms, although AI was in the stage of continuous learning and evolution.

(Group photo of GC roundtable)

Opening Speech and Keynote Speeches

At 15:30, the 2017 General Counsels (Shenzhen) Summit was officially open. Dong Hao, the vice president of the Guangdong Province Law Society, the professor at Guangzhou University, and the president of the Legal Research Institute of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, delivered an opening speech, praising the presence of high-profile guests and authorities and speaking highly of the organization capabilities of Legal Guru Club. He affirmed the great significance to gather those high-profile people in legal profession to have exchanges, as the general counsels were responsible for escorting the development of the enterprises.


Keynote Speech: Risk Management for Enterprise Globalization

Mr. Song Liuping, the senior vice president and chief legal officer of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., interpreted the difficulties in globalization of Chinese enterprises, including security, risk control and ideological differences. Mr. Song believed that the advantages of the globalization of Chinese enterprises lie in maintaining a sincere attitude to learn the rules of other countries and achieving the goal of compliance risk control by learning and obeying the rules of the world. He also said that the future lawsuits would not merely be about litigation, but about the cross-border multilateral issues, which depended on the global comprehensive confrontation capability, thus it was necessary to flexibly use laws of different countries, understand the culture, politics and administrative procedures in various countries and regions, and form a comprehensive confrontation force with various resources.

(Photo of Ms Angel Yingjun Wang and Mr. Song Liuping)

Themed Speeches in Panel Part


Panel A: Thinking and Layout of Capital “Introduction” under the Accelerated Two-way Opening of Capital Market

Ms Gong Yamin hosted the Panel Part. Mr. Luo Ke introduced the core structure, evaluation methods, payment methods, withdrawal channels and investor protection terms of listed companies with the theme of “Discussion on the Transaction Structure and Core Terms Arrangement between Investors and A-Share Listed Companies”.

Mr. Su Yongyun exchanged views with Mr. Luo on the objectives, arrangements and supervision of listed companies. Ms Kong Yu expressed her understanding and ideas from the perspective of transaction structure.


Panel B: Trend Exploration and Architecture Planning in Capital “Going-out”

Mr. Xu Pengfei analyzed the main methods of financing for overseas listing, the domestic and overseas restructuring under the “red chip” model and the considerations for construction of cross-border structure for red-chip Hong Kong listed companies, with the theme of “Considerations for Construction of General Cross-Border Structure for Red-Chip Hong Kong Listed Companies”, and expounded the far-reaching influence of “No. 10 Document” and “No. 37 Document”, cross-border M&A payments and tax burden issues.


Panel C: Cybersecurity and Customer Information Compliance Management

With “How Enterprises Faces the Challenges of Cybersecurity Law and Data Compliance” as the theme, Mr. Chen Jihong explained the legal obligations and responsibilities of network operators, the scope of personal information, and the way of authorization based on the legislation progress of Cybersecurity Law and supporting regulations, and represented specific cases. Mr. Chen said that the law enforcement thought could only be understood by learning about the legislation intent and the logic behind the law.

Establishment of the South China Branch of Legal Guru Club

After the summit, the guests listened to the development history of the Legal Guru Club as introduced by its founder Ms Angel Wang. The original intention of the Legal Guru Club was “to know”, “to like”, “to trust” and “to referral”. In addition to large-scale forums, the Club has small-scale high-end events such as the series of visiting companies and salons. The establishment of “South China Branch of Legal Guru Club” symbolizes that the events of Legal Guru Club will cover all areas in North China, East China and South China.

Ms Angel Wang, together with the guests, celebrated the establishment of the “South China Branch of Legal Guru Club” and announced the official start of the reception for the establishment! The Legal Guru Club meticulously prepared the lucky draw program to drive the atmosphere of the reception to a climax.

(Mr. Qian Boming, the partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm, was announcing the winners)

(Ms Zhou Xuan, the partner of Jingtian & Gongcheng, was drawing the lucky guests)

(Ms Gong Yamin, the partner of Fangda Partners, was drawing the lucky guests)

At the end of the reception, Ms Angel Wang announced the successful conclusion of the 2017 General Counsels (Shenzhen) Summit & Establishment of “South China Branch of Legal Guru Club”, extended thanks for the strong support of the leading partner Fangda Partners and other partners such as Zhong Lun Law Firm, PwC China, Dentons and Jingtian & Gongcheng, as well as for the special sponsorship of Hennessy.

Extended thanks to the leading partner Fangda Partners

Extended thanks for the strong support of Zhong Lun Law Firm, PwC China, Dentons and Jingtian & Gongcheng

Extended thanks for the strong support of partners again!

Look forward to seeing you in the 4th Global General Counsels and Business Leaders Forum in Beijing!


(Group photo of Legal Guru Club members)