The 2017 General Counsels and Business Leaders Forum (the 4th) was successfully concluded, in which attendees looked into the law technologies and discussed freely on the future of general counsels and business leaders!

On November 3-4, over 500 person-times attended the 4th General Counsels and Business Leaders Forum which gave thoughtful arrangement for guests, contents, event design and grand dinner.

It was a feast to freely discuss the current situation and look into the future!

The legal heads of more than 100 of world top 500 companies, China top 500 companies, outstanding companies, world-famous trademark companies and well-known listed companies in different industries and with different ownership systems, as well as partners of well-known law firms at home and abroad participated in the forum and gave high evaluation.

Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club and the director of China International Legal Affairs & Culture Exchange Center, stepped onto the stage and announced the official kick-off of the 2017 Global Legal Counsels and Business Leaders Forum (the 4th) with the warm applause of the guests!

Mr. David Chen, the global vice president of Microsoft and the general manager of the public and legal affairs department of Greater China Region, was the first to deliver the keynote speech – Digital Transformation Opportunities and New Legal Challenges. Mr. Chen believed that new technology was an inevitable trend. To ensure a regulatory environment, it was necessary to both ensure the development of new technologies and avoid the challenges thereby generated.

Mr. Li Zuojun, the deputy director of the Resources and Environmental Policy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council and the famous economist, specially invited by the Legal Guru Club analyzed the “general political and economic trends and the macroeconomic situation after the 19th National Congress”. Mr. Li believed that the contents of the 19th National Congress were profound and extensive, covering the economic construction, which could be summarized into seven aspects: new phase, new goals, new momentum, new economy, new strategy, new system and new pattern.

The unique part, “Fireside Dialogue”started. Mr. Victor Liang, the vice president and general counsel of Baidu, together with Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club, stepped onto the stage to express the heartfelt feelings, which stroke a chord with the audience and pushed the atmosphere to the climax!

The speakers stepped onto the stage and conducted discussion on the theme of “Challenges and Reflections on Cybersecurity and Data Compliance”.

The highly-anticipated conference of “2017 China Legal Industry Status Research Report” was grandly open, with Leslie Zhang as the host.

After the conference, all the guests joined in the social reception. Everyone was drinking happily and toasting to each other. In a relaxed and pleasant environment, they freely expressed their thoughts and exchanged business cards. It was indeed a rare opportunity to meet the legal heads from different companies only in one reception.

Next to the reception, private sessions and VIP roundtable were being held in Qianqiu Hall, Chengrui Hall and Fubi Hall.

Private Session: Legal Team Construction and Motivation in the Process of Rapid Development of an Enterprise

Private Session: General Political and Economic Trends and Enterprise Development Opportunities after the 19th National Congress

VIP Roundtable: Cooperation, Competition, Co-existence and Win-win Situation Between In-house Lawyers and External Lawyers

Gala Dinner as the acme of perfection

A wonderful performance unveiled the curtain of the gala dinner, and the guests took their seats successively. In Grand Hyatt Banquet Hall, the LED screen played the stories of Legal Guru Club from its establishment to the present scale.

Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club, stepped onto the stage to give an opening speech and invited the general counsels and excellent lawyers of those companies to the stage. Everyone raised their glasses and shared the joy of the dinner. The events of the Forum on November 3 ended in a pleasant atmosphere.

Industry Summit & Cross-border Summit Two Fantastic Events A Day

On November 4, the Industry Summit and Cross-border Summit were respectively held in Grand Hyatt Banquet Hall I and Grand Hyatt Banquet Hall II at the same time.

There were 9 sessions in Industry Summit, ranging from legal thinking on business values to IT application and from compliance risk management to common criminal offences of corporate senior executives. Every theme discussion directly targeted the vital points of legal work, and every speech was full of valuable experience and classic cases of the speaker.

Legal Thinking on Corporate Business Values

IT Application to Legal Work

How to manage risks by data analysis means and reduce human errors by robotic automation means in the compliance and legal work.

Common criminal offences of corporate senior executives and compliance management

New pattern of the Supreme Court for commercial case trial

Finance and real estate after strengthened regulation of government

Legal cognition and collaboration in diversified financing of real estate enterprises

Reconstruction of legal ability in the new era

Legal management experience under the guidance of Confucian culture

The Cross-border Summit was led by Mr. Zhang Weihua, the deputy general manager and general counsel of United Energy Group Limited, Ms Cao Hui, the legal director of Silk Road Fund, and Mr. Han Liang, the partner of Fangda Partners, who respectively talked about “Classic Cases and Latest Trends in Overseas M&As”, “Overseas Investment Strategies and Risks in the Context of the Belt and Road (Sharing of Award-winning Cases)” and “How to Establish the Corporate Compliance System”.