How Can Multinational Companies Resolve the Risks of Customs Valuation and Customs Inspection?丨Review of the 14th Salon of Legal Guru Club

On April 25, 2018, the 14th Salon of Legal Guru Club was held as scheduled. The Legal Guru Club invited Mr. Cen Zhaoqi, the partner of Beijing Zhong Lun, and Mr. Sun Lizhi, the general manager of Arla Foods Dairy Technical Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd., to interpret the difficulties and key issues in the customs valuation and inspection for the participants.

Besides legal counsels, business people also participated in this salon. Mr. Lin Chengbin, the director and general manager of Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd., just flew back from Japan to Beijing and directly came to the event without going back to the head office in Shanghai. Another participant even brought the suitcase to the salon directly from the airport. With the support and appreciation of extensive friends, the Legal Guru Club keeps upgrading the content and enriching the topics.

Mr. Lin Chengbin, the director and general manager of Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd.

In the evening,Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club, hosted the salon and extended thanks to everyone.Ms Wang gave a brief introduction to the Legal Guru Club and the salon, which not only welcomed the participation of general counsels and lawyers but also the corporate directors, general managers and business people. Afterwards, everyone warmly welcomed Mr. Cen Zhaoqi to share on the stage.

Ms Angel Yingjun Wang,founder of Legal Guru Club

At the salon, Mr. Cen Zhaoqi specially interpreted the background of customs clearance integration, the overview and methods of customs valuation, the customs inspection system, etc., and shared deep understanding through relevant cases.

Mr. Cen first introduced the background of the reform of customs clearance integration. After this reform in China, the new customs clearance management mode of “one-time declaration and step-by-step disposal” has been adopted. Once the enterprises complete the customs declaration and tax self-reporting and payment procedures, the safety access risks will be mainly disposed at the customs clearance site of the port, and the tax collection and management risks will be mainly disposed after the goods are released. Two centers, the Tax Collection & Management Center and the Risk Prevention & Control Center, have been established to achieve centralized, unified and intelligent disposal of key businesses including nationwide customs risk prevention & control and tax collection & management. At the same time, there are 3 supplementary systems, one-time declaration & distributed disposal, promotion of coordinated supervision, and reform of tax collection & management mode, which shorten the customs clearance time and achieve “one integrated customs in China”.

Subsequently, Mr. Cen introduced the law enforcement procedures, relief procedures and methods of customs valuation, expounded on the special relationship between customs valuation methods and enterprises on the valuation, and detailed the methods used by the customs in the evaluation and the countermeasures of companies through relevant cases. Later, Mr. Cen explained the types of royalties and the circumstances that would affect the conditions to constitute a payment, and shared the general comments of the WCO Technical Committee on Customs Valuation about the third-party royalties. Finally, Mr. Cen introduced the law enforcement procedures & legal consequences of customs inspection and the proactive disclosure system.

Mr. Sun Lizhi, the general manager of Arla Foods Dairy Technical Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd., shared a customs valuation case handled by Mr. Cen for his company, and suggested that enterprises should avoid risks and losses arising from customs valuation by means of pre-registration to the customs.

After that, Mr. Cen and Mr. Sun had warm exchanges with the guests. Jia Junjian, the legal director of Thales China, Liu Yongqing, the senior legal advisor of Cisco Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Fu Jiayin, the legal manager of Total, and other guests positively asked questions to Mr. Cen., and Mr. Cen answered one by one. Finally, the guests had exchanges with each other and took group photos.

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