Review of 2018 Global General Counsels and Business Leaders Forum Summer Summit

On June 7, 2018, the 2018 Global General Counsels and Business Leaders Forum Summer Summit was co-sponsored by Legal Guru Club and PwC and held in the Innovation Center of PwC as scheduled, with the participation of more than 140 General Counsels and lawyers of large law firms in China and guests from the US and France.

A total of 144 guests signed up for the event, and the number of actual participants accounted for 97%, though the forum was held during college entrance examination period and working days. In the forum, there were continuous highlights and full of witty remarks from speakers.

(Gathering of Authorities at Home and Abroad)

For this summit, we not only invited the high-profile authorities in China, but also arranged themed seminars covering international hot issues and interesting GC sharing sessions, which was a high-level forum in legal profession, with forward-looking themes and international voices, that advanced with the times and gathered the authorities.

The General Counsels from domestic and multinational well-known enterprises such as Microsoft, Bayer, GE Aviation, McDonald’s, TCL, 3M China, Sony, Alibaba, Casio, Philips, Inspur Group, Johnson & Johnson, Geely and Shanghai Urban Construction (Group) attended the event.

In addition to the domestic authorities, this summit invited two female experts in US trade sanction and cybersecurity, Jeannette Chu and Isabelle Hajjar respectively from the US and France.

(Summer Summit with Wonderful Highlights)

At 9:00 a.m. on June 7, the summer summit officially started. Kuang Jinan, the general manager of HanFor and the professor at China Global Philanthropy Institute in Shenzhen, hosted the opening ceremony.

Subsequently, Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the Chairperson of the China International Legal Affairs & Culture Exchange Center and founder of Legal Guru Club, Cai Xiaoying, the board member of the PwC Management Committee and the managing partner of the innovation service department in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, and Qiang Zhixiong, the vice president and secretary general of the S

After that, with the warm applause, the summit was officially unveiled!

hanghai Corporate Counsel Association, respectively delivered a speech.

Keynote Speech: US/International Trade Sanction, Corporate Compliance Management and Crisis Management

As the first speaker, Jeannette Chu started with the importance of sanctions, explained how to cope with sanctions, and specifically interpreted several aspects including the purpose and implementation of sanctions, international sanctions, US sanctions, etc.

Panel: China and EU Network and Data Security Compliance, Assessment and Crisis Solutions

The Panel part was hosted by Ms Yin Yunxia, the partner of Fangda Partners, in which 7 speakers explained the current hot cybersecurity issues from different angles and perspectives.

In the afternoon, two meetings were held simultaneously. At the main venue, three themed speeches were delivered consecutively.


  1. Taxation and Labor Law Issues Faced by Enterprises in Equity Changes or Business Restructuring

Qi Bin, the partner of Shanghai Xinbai Law Firm, explained how a company faces the legal issues of employee placement during a merger, separation or equity transfer by using specific cases. Yuan Liangjian, the partner of PwC Tax Consultation, explained the tax issues faced by the company in this process and relevant countermeasures by combining the cases of Mr. Qi.

  1. Passion and Motivation under the Wave of Compliance – Application of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Compliance Field



Ms Qian Jianhong, the risk and control services director of PwC, explained how to optimize the corporate compliance management issues with technologies from a technical point of view. She believed that the traditional business process optimization could no longer meet the needs of current business process management, and the RPA was gradually becoming an efficient application tool to improve organizational efficiency.


  1. How to Control Risks with Regulation Technologies

Mr. Yang Yihua, the partner of PwC, explained how to control risks, especially potential fraud risks, with regulation technologies, and interpreted this topic from multiple perspectives and by combining with PwC’s specific practical tools.

In the meantime, a off-record session was being held in the sub-venue: Current Status and Future after the Integration of Anti-trust Law Enforcement Authorities. The sub-venue, though as a branch, was still packed.

Mr. Ren Yong, the Managing Partner of T&D Associates, reviewed the ten-year history of anti- trust law enforcement authorities and analyzed the future and trends of anti-trust law enforcement.

After a short break, the highly-anticipated GC Sharing Session officially began. Wang Yin, the general counsel of Greater China Region of 3M China Co., Ltd., and Zhang Xi, the vice president of Bayer (China) Co., Ltd., and the general counsel of Greater China Region, hosted the GC Sharing Session.

All the General Counsels sat around the table and enthusiastically discussed their topics.

Later on, the discussion results of each topic were summarized by one representative general counsel, and the rest general counsels could ask questions about the summary.

Topic 1: Which legal, economic or social events get on your nerves and keep you up at night, Sino-US trade war, cybersecurity, anti-monopoly or something else? Why?

Topic 2: What experience do you have about the relationship between legal professionals and business people?

Topic 3: How do you retain talents considering the consistently hot legal talent market?

Topic 4: How do you think that AI will change the legal profession with the emerging subversive technologies? How should we cope with that?

Topic 5: How can the general counsels improve themselves?

There were general counsels asking questions in every round of speeches, building an active atmosphere! Many general counsels were willing to discuss and share their own opinions and ideas.


After the GC Sharing Session, Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, delivered a speech to announce the successful conclusion of the 2018 Global General Counsels and Business Leaders Forum Summer Summit and extend thanks for the strong support of PwC as the co-organizer and for the full assistance of Fangda Partners and T&D Associates as the partners!

At last, the general counsels participating in the GC Sharing Session took group photos!

The 2018 Global General Counsels and Business Leaders Forum Summer Summit was successfully concluded. Legal Guru Club looks forward to seeing you again next year!